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Vision & Story

What is Alchemy?

A lchemy Bali is the island’s first 100% raw vegan cafe & juice bar, organic health food store, and holistic clinic.  It was established as a place of transformation in 2011 by a group of conscious creatives with a passion for live food, green juice, and raw chocolate! Alchemy’s vision is to honor Mother Nature, promote healthy sustainable living, support healthy habits and well being, and to offer a space of inspiration and community awareness.

We are here to promote heart-based culture and set the intention for unconditional Love, Authenticity, Health, and Gratitude through high-vibe lifestyle choices. Your health is the first and most important step to transformation.

We are what we eat & think– from food & thought to form & being = true ALCHEMY.

We created Alchemy with the intention of bringing inner healing and transformation to Ubud’s visitors and residents. Our products and menu promote consciousness and wellbeing for all of earth’s inhabitants.

Our Mission

Your body needs attention. ALKALIZE. HYDRATE. TRANSFORM.

Should you choose this mission, your body will not self-destruct. EVER.

Alchemy Bali - Logo

“Alchemy began when four earth-loving, tree-hugging, downshifters met in Bali. We bonded over our love for raw foods & the healing they brought into our individual lives.”

Earth-Conscious Business

We manage Alchemy with compassion and sustainability towards nature and its inhabitants. These are some of our practices in honor of nature’s gifts:

Our People:

If the business community is present and grateful in their individual lives then business will flourish and prosper. Our people – you, dear customer and our employees always come first.

We believe in the happiness and success of our staff and thus we encourage them to explore their talents at Alchemy. We pay above-average salaries, give out monthly bonuses, and promote our staff within the company.

We believe in the loyalty of our customers and thus make sure that your experience at Alchemy is unforgettable, warm, vibrant and inclusive of the highest form of care.

Organic & NaturalAlchemy Bali - Please Recycle

Have you ever wondered what’s really in your food and how its grown/produced? Or what is your shampoo or soap actually made of? Well, we have! That is why we buy only organic and/or local produce and sell natural beauty products as much as possible. At Alchemy we believe in practicing the highest form of preventative medicine and that means using only the purest and most natural ingredients available – just like Mother Nature intended.


We do everything possible to reduce, reuse and recycle. We constructed Alchemy with old recycled wood. We use degradable reusable materials in our bags at our shop. Our bowls and plates are custom created from recycled glass. We have a ‘no plastic straw’ policy and use only papaya straws. Our take-away boxes are hand made by our staff from banana leaves. All our vegetable and fruit leftovers are composted and brought back to the earth as gratitude for her generous gifts to us.

Support Local Community

To show our appreciation to Bali for welcoming us into its community, we give back by buying only local produce grown by neighboring organic farms. We also carry a number of local products manufactured by small farms and co-ops in Bali. In addition, Alchemy donates a percentage of our profits to charity.Alchemy supports healthy lifestyle choices and education through free monthly community events. These events are also opportunities to showcase the local talents and entertainment offerings of Bali’s arts communities. Join us for our next gathering!

Plan & Prepare:

One of our secrets to sustainability are two words “Plan & Prepare”. Our food is sustainably and innovatively managed everyday. Each product is used to is fullest thus minimizing waste. Any foods or juices leftover in the day are either given away as free samples or donated to our employees to take home. This assures that customers and staff always receive fresh nourishing foods full of enzymes.  One example is that we make raw veggie crackers out of our juice pulp!

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