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Holistic Food Business Consulting

We like to work on projects with conscious businesses that wish to design a contemporary plant-based raw menu. We love introducing delicious new recipe collaborations with our partners in the restaurant, spa, hotel,  & club industries as well as private businesses and schools. As more people learn about the benefits of plant-based diet, we are passionate about serving as ambassadors who promote this awareness.

We are eager to offer our experience and professional input to support your business goals in a variety of ways. And can show you ways to cut costs dramatically. What we offer:

Prior - Research

Raw Food Kitchen Design & Operations

Kitchen Staff Training

Restaurant Menu Planning

Supplier Management

For more information email us or call +62 (0)821 476 64049


“Thank you for the RAW Menu! It was a wonderful idea for SOHO LOUNGE and 22.13 restaurants! All dishes are bright, colorful, tasteful and most importantly healthy! Please come back again with more recipes!”

Konstantin Bryk – Brand Chef GLOBAL POINT FAMILY

Check out the raw food we created at two popular restaurants in Russia in 2012: Restaurant 22-13 and In Soho Lounge



“My dear Alchemists! I thank the universe for giving me the chance to have met you….I was so impressed and inspired by your restaurant that I had the idea to bring this to my restaurant in St. Petersburg. I can easily say that our guests loved the RAW MENU. And in our kitchen the chefs were so inspired that some are looking into healthier food choices themselves.”

Irina Parfenova – Managing Director of Restaurant 22.13

“Olesya tought us that we can eat in a whole new way. I learnt that RAW FOOD is not so different or strange.  I have real RESPECT for her! Overall I can say that she’s from a different planet when it comes to food preparation but an absolute must-meet and interesting person for our restaurant!”

Andrej Amelin – Brand Barmen GLOBAL POINT FAMILY


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