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“When we eat pure food, the mind becomes quiet & the knots of the heart become untied”


In my late teens, being sick was somewhat of a hobby. A constant annoying flu, fatigue, high fever and tummy aches stalked me for years. At the end of my teens I had become a chronic sick girl and a walking apothecary. Every cough would be accompanied by medicine and every high fever would be battled with antibiotics. No multivitamin and no doctor could help my cries for help. As a Russian girl, I was labeled as having a weak immune system (blame it on the gloomy communist winters, vodka, and Russian bears!) and told to wear warmer hats and give up the idea of ever being healthy. That was my story. And then one day the universe heard my prayers…

And then a new story began – with a blender and a glass of green juice.  Or better yet – a book on vegetarianism bought on Amazon out of a simple curious desire to learn something new. By page 36 of the book, I was a converted vegetarian. A new life’s journey began: I started to sleep better, had lost weight, felt more energy, and had this strange unexplained desire to be in the forest, to touch plants, and to walk barefoot. Life was unfolding, transforming in front of me and like Alice in Wonderland I continued to fall…to fall in love…with the world, with my life, with nature, with myself.

It has been years since my transformation began and I am still deep in it – growing and blossoming. I am letting go of pain and anger that no longer serve me. I am learning to no longer be dominated by the looming shadow of fear. I practice unconditional authenticity. My life has been embraced by new found love – the love from live foods, the warmth of my health, the passions for vitality I share with my new friends. I learn to listen to my heart. I learn to simply listen.

Today I am an earth warrior, a raw food chef, a badass unicorn, an Alchemy Rawkette, a downshifter living in Bali and a proud tree-hugger. My old friends think I’m crazy. My true friends love me even more.

I feel the earth, I feel nature, I feel the food that nourishes me. I simply feel AWAKE and AWARE– and what a feeling it is!!! An all-consuming swirl of warmth, belonging and comfort mixed in with drops of intense happiness, laughter, simple content and gratefulness for what I experience each day. For the first time in my life I feel an abundance and I wish to share it with the world.

ALCHEMY  – is my gift to you. Alchemy is me – sharing my vision, my health and happiness with the rest of the world. Come and transform with us.

Love & Peas,-


Alchemy Bali - Elena

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