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Feel lighter & brighter with colonics! Experience clearer skin, shiny eyes, weight loss, emotional clearing & digestive ease.

It’s the No. 1 tool for fasting & cleansing – clear the crud & take your health to the next level. Safe, gentle & effective!

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Nigel McFarlandNigel McFarland

Nigel McFarland is a trained colonic hydro-therapist for 12 years and has been teaching healing colonic hydrotherapy for 3 years. He worked as a heart group facilitator for 4 years – holding, supporting, and walking people into there lost parts of self, taking them back home into the heart again. Nigel has worked as a healer for 7 years in Ireland and has trained in India and Sri Lanka in Ayurvedic Pancha Karma therapy and Indan herbalism for 5 years. He has co-directed Europe’s first holistic hospital for 4 years in Ireland where he also worked as a holistic health consultant, individualizing detox and rejuvenation programs for the participants. In addition, Nigel is a raw food nutritional alchemist for 5 years.

Nigel has a gift of holding a heart space where you fully feel heard, seen, held and felt where trust and safety enables the beautiful gift of letting go to surface..on all levels.


Alchemy Bali - Kim Karina Kim Karina

As a Holistic practitioner, Kim Karina is deeply passionate and inspired by guiding others into a more healthy & creative Lifestyle by nourishing themselves and re~connecting their body, mind and soul.

Since her young teenage years Kim has a deep desire to live life to the fullest, and connect to all that exists. A few years ago she was diagnosed with severe chronic lyme disease. After a long struggle with serious health problems and a nearly broken down system, she gained her health and life back by dedicating herself to a raw purified lifestyle, supported by meditation, dancing, yoga, Trust & Love.

Colon hydrotherapy was her first step for transformation and it changed her life instantly, from being sick and toxic into healthy and alive. Kim Karina is an International licensed Colon hydrotherapist.

Over the last eight years she studied and trained in the fields of Psychology, Raw/holistic coaching, Yoga, Meditation and is continuing educating herself on her path.


Important Note

We ask all new clients to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before their 1st appointment and we have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Thank you for understanding.


Please avoid meat, dairy, sugar, fried foods, carbonated drinks & wheat products prior to a colonic.


Please enjoy fresh juices, green salads, vegetables & coconut water. Avoid alcohol, pasta, meat, lentils & heavy meals.

Alchemy Bali - Glow with a colonic

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